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Alexia Wensing, BA (Hons), MA (C), RP (Qualifying)


Alexia’s main areas of focus are anxiety, grief, emotional disturbance, depression, coaching, relationship issues and more. Alexia has a BA (Honours) in Social Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Alexia’s experience spans working with clients in private practice, to working with individuals in the hospital and inpatient psychiatric setting.

Her coursework revolved around the biopsychosocial model and Alexia believes in an integrative approach; the mind-body-spirit connection. Alexia will work with you to help you understand these connections better. She will help foster a truly supportive and warm therapeutic alliance.

Where appropriate, Alexia will work with other practitioners from different disciplines on the team to create comprehensive and effective health plans to help you achieve faster results. She looks forward to working with you.